backpack-2007-introBrown's Lake TrailheadOn Wednesday, July 11, my dad and me walked onto Brown’s Lake trail. The beginning of our five day, thirty-five mile backpacking trip. We would stay at Brown’s Lake, an old cabin, the Poudre River, Long Draw Resevoir, American Lakes, and be picked up at Cameron Pass. For a more detailed of our trip click on read more below.


backpack-2007-day1Brown's Lake Wednesday we walked about four miles. We walked from the trail head through a wooded area to the top of Crown Point. We walked past Brown’s Lake and stopped for water at a spring by a trappers cabin. It was about another mile until we got to where we wanted to set up our tent. It was on the edge of a very, very steep hill, almost a cliff I guess, overlooking Brown’s Lake.
backpack-2007-day2Brackenbury Cabin trail Thursday we had breakfast, folded up our tent, and started walking. I don’t remember a lot of the first part of the day. We were mostly under trees. When we finally got out of the trees, we took a short break. There were two trails. One going straight up a mountain, and the other was much longer but less steep. We went the steeper trail straight up the side. It was fairly flat on the top. My dad even got a cell phone signal. So he called a few people. He talked for a while and then we continued hiking. There was a couple more miles of tiring hiking, before we got to an old cabin. It rained quite a bit while my dad looked for a place to set up our tent.
backpack-2007-day3Mirror Lake Thursday was tiring enough, Friday was exhausting. That day we hiked up Comanche Peak, then back down. Going up, we gained 1,000 feet in altitude. We went down 2,000 coming down the other side. We did all that in about 3 miles. I guess it wasn’t all bad. Coming up we saw a bunch of elk. We also came to the edge of a cliff overlooking Mirror Lake. We could see where we were going to go tomorrow. Anyway,  we ended up down climbing a few rock faces about 8 feet high. We got down fine, and hiked all the way to the Poudre River. I don’t how far that was, but it was insanely tiring. It rained toward the end, and we had to get our tent up really fast so water didn’t get in it. All in all, we walked about 9 miles that day. We ate, and then quickly fell asleep.
backpack-2007-day4Long Draw Reservoir Saturday was the easiest in terms of distance. We probably walked about 4 to 5 miles that day. But it was mostly on a hard dirt road. After we woke up we ate and tore down camp. We walked about a mile to the trail head where we stopped and took a break. We walked up the road by the trail head which ran along side Long Draw Reservoir. After about 3 miles of walking we stopped at a campground, at the south end of the reservoir, to refill on water and eat. We walked another mile south and camped near a creek. We ate then retreated to the tent early because it started to rain.
backpack-2007-day5American Lakes Sunday was my favorite day from the whole week. It wasn’t a terribly hard day. There was one steep part, but it wasn’t that bad. We had to dry the tent off when we woke up because the rain water had frozen on it over the night. We ate and set off walking down a service road to the Thunder Pass trail head. It was about 3 and 1/2 miles to the pass. We were mostly under trees until we got to Thunder Pass. At the top of Thunder Pass we stopped and ate. From there we saw where we were going to set camp. I guess you could call what we were about to go down a valley, I’m not sure if that is really what it is. We set camp uphill from a stream running from a lake. I spent most of the day down by the stream doing whatever. It was a really cool place to camp.
backpack-2007-day6Snow Lake Monday was our last day. It seemed like we walked a lot further than we really did. In the morning we took a little hike up to a lake called Snow Lake. You can see why in the picture. We walked back down to camp, hung out for a little bit, then packed up left. We hiked on about 2 to 3 miles of actual trail before we came to a service road to the Cameron Pass picnic grounds. So we walked on that until we came to the picnic grounds right across the street. As soon as I got there I pretty much collapsed and tried to go to sleep. We waited there until my mom came and picked us up.